August, 2017

As summer comes to an end and our friends and family prepare for a new school year, I choose this small reflection from Elisabeth’s Spiritual Journal. She gently reminds us that as we all answer the call to our life’s work, we do it with joy and out of love for Christ.

October 7, 1912

“To be always ready to obey the inner call of this gentle Jesus to action or to suffering, or to eternity, too, when he wills, and to reply always with joy and generosity, ‘Here I am, Lord, ready to do your will.’ … I wait and, like the worker who does not know when he or she will receive the final reward, I want in the meantime to fulfill my responsibilities radiantly and peacefully solely for the love of him who has done everything for me.”

Janet Ruffing, Elisabeth Leseur: Selected Writings, Paulist Press, 2005

July, 2017

Prayer to Ask of God the Virtue of Hope

“My God, who hast allowed us human hopes, but who alone bestowest Christian and supernatural hope, grant, I beseech Thee, by Thy grace, this virtue to my soul, to the souls of all I love, and to all Christian souls.  Let it enlighten and transform our lives, our sufferings, and even our death, and let it uphold in us, through the disappointment and sadness of each day, an inner strength and unalterable serenity.”

Elisabeth Leseur, written at the request of her sister