May 2018 eNews

Greetings from Pittsburgh. On this, the anniversary of Elisabeth’s passing from this life, the knowledge that so many of us around the world are united in prayer fills us with great joy. Joe and I will attend the 5:15 PM Mass at the Pittsburgh Oratory later today, where the cause for Elisabeth will be the intention, and we will remember you all in our prayers.  Thanks to the many friends of Elisabeth, there are at least seven masses being said in the United States and three in France today. The complete list of masses is available at this link.

May 2018 Reflection

At our meeting in Paris last year with many long-time Elisabeth supporters, we had the opportunity to meet Claude Menesguen. At the time, Joe and I were at early stages of speaking very basic French. So while we were not able to exchange many words with Claude, we did exchange our mailing addresses. After a few letters and cards (with help from Isabelle), we received via the website a note from Nicolas Menesguen. We would soon learn that Nicolas was Claude’s son and that he wrote English. Nicolas has been made it possible for us to correspond with Claude  as we work on the cause for Elisabeth and we are very grateful to them both. We treasure the postcards Claude has sent us these last few months with pictures of places significant in the life of Elisabeth. I asked Claude a few weeks ago if he would write for us a reflection that could be shared around the anniversary of Elisabeth’s death. For me, this beautiful reflection is the essence of what I pray for to Elisabeth – faith to trust in Providence as she did.


May 3, 1914

A decisive date.  For Elisabeth Leseur, it is the pinnacle of her spiritual rise.

For Félix Leseur, it is a starting point.

She has dedicated her life to the conversion of the people she loves and, first and foremost, to the conversion of her husband, yet on the day of her death, Félix remains an agnostic.  Did she fail?

The unfolding of history shows that her spiritual victory is total, but moreover, she dies in peace. Illuminated with complete hope, she knows that her prayers were not in vain.

Félix sees on her face “an expression of bliss”.(1)

On May 6, 1914, during Elisabeth’s funeral at St. Pierre de Chaillot, Félix “has a very vivid sensation of communion of souls as a purpose beyond that of our earthly existence”.(1)

Shortly after, he is given Elisabeth’s spiritual journals.  “Providence had placed within my reach the radiant flame which was gradually going to enlighten me and lead me to God.”(1)

“A day will come, will it not? when your desire will be that I go to you, Lord, when the shadows, the sorrows will vanish, when the burden of the body will cease to weigh down the soul, when our soul will finally spring, free and pure, to your Beauty, immerse itself in your Holiness, be elated in your Love.” E.L.

1 In “Life of Elisabeth Leseur” by Félix Leseur – de Gigord: Editor


Claude was Born in Bretagne (France). He is a Graduate of the HEC school (High Commercial Studies) and of an university degree of Law. His professional career was in the Finance industry, working at the Société Générale bank until 1994 and then the EIG (Economic Interest Group) of the Cartes Bancaires. He retired in 1998.  Since his retirement, he has spent his time conducting historical research about Bretagne and his city of Marly-le-Roi. It was during this research that he discovered Elisabeth Leseur, whose secondary residence was on block next to his own home. For the last 10 plus years, he has worked on the writings of Elisabeth Leseur in cooperation with Dominican monastery of the Annunciation in Paris. He published in 2015 a lovely book entitled “Cent pensées d’Elisabeth Leseur“.

Prayer Requests

  • For Cheryl S – United States
  • For a young man and his Mother in Brazil who are battling multiple health issues
  • For Jose Renato and family, a family of Elisabeth supporters –  in Brazil
  • For those with the desire for marriage and family life, that they may receive the gift of this vocation from God
  • For a very young man, Pito, in France with serious health issues
  • For a very young girl with Down Syndrome in Pittsburgh who is working through multiple health issues and for her Mom
  • For the healing of Uncle Michael who is suffering with glioblastoma
  • For the conversion of David C.
  • For friends in Calgary and Nova Scotia addressing many health issues

We are most grateful for everyone’s support. We know we are just a small link in the Circle of Friends.  Please help us grow the circle by sharing

With our gratitude and prayers,

Jennifer and Joe MacNeil