Elisabeth Leseur in today’s MAGNIFICAT

Today’s US Edition of the MAGNIFICAT uses an Elisabeth quote as its Meditation of the Day.  The text of the quote is given below.

Uniting Ourselves to Christ’s Perfect Prayer

My God, help me to fulfill the work, to break the last bonds, to complete that interior process that you alone have accomplished in me, in whom the mysterious working of your providence is always visible, for which I never cease blessing and loving you. I have a great task before me, and nothing to help me to fulfill it. 
Perhaps one day I shall have the great joy of seeing my faith, which is my whole life, understood and shared by those in my circle, and by [my husband] whom I love so much. As it is, all my desires, enthusiasm, and tenderness must remain enclosed and poured out only to God. Whatever suffering this entails, I offer for those who are so dear to me. Nothing is lost, not one suffering, not one tear.