This website has been prepared by Jennifer and Joseph MacNeil, from the United States.  We are very happy to count ourselves among Elisabeth Leseur’s Circle of Friends, a collection of dedicated souls from around the world who are united in our belief that Elisabeth’s compelling spirituality has an important message for modern society.  All of us have been working to promote Elisabeth’s Cause for Sainthood.  It is our sincere hope that this website will help to strengthen each person’s individual efforts and provide a means to share and coordinate these contributions to further advance the Cause.

Recently, we have registered Elisabeth Leseur’s Circle of Friends as a 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States, and are now able to collect tax-deductable donations to support the work of the Cause.  Our first step has been to fund the design and printing of a small set of Prayer Cards, in English and in French.  If you would like to receive a copy of these cards, please contact us and let us know.  (Be sure to include a full mailing address, and your preferred language.).

We wish to thank Gavin Fiorina, a talented young graphic designer, for his help in constructing “the look” for our site.

Because Elisabeth’s message has spread around world and has been translated into many languages, we recognized early on that our site needed to reflect this.  We’ve been very fortunate to recruit some excellent help with the translations, and are delighted to be able to thank them publicly.

French: Isabelle Schetley

Portuguese: José Eduardo Câmara

Spanish: Denisse Mena

Italian: Giulia Marotta