Elisabeth Leseur’s Circle of Friends is a 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States. We function as an international association, with a general steering committee currently coming from the United States, France, Italy, Argentina and Wales.  Our finances are also subject to the Vatican’s rules and regulations for the handling of Funds of Pious Cause.

Your donations will be used exclusively to advance Elisabeth Lesuer’s fame of sanctity throughout the world, and to advance the cause for her beatification and canonization.  In 2019 our fundraising efforts will support the printing and circulating new prayer cards, the translation of our website into additional languages, and events highlighting Elisabeth’s cause at venues across the planet.

Donations made by credit card are processed for us by the Merchant Services division of a major US bank, ensuring your security.  The “Donate” button below will take you to their page to complete the transaction.  Your credit card receipt will read “Elisabeth Leseurs Circle”.  All transactions are processed in US Dollars.

If you would prefer to establish a recurring donation, have any questions about our fundraising process or would like to discuss other means of contributing to the advancement of the Cause, please contact us now.

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Refund Policy: This is a charitable donation; no goods or services are provided in exchange.  All donations are considered final.

In the United States, the total sum may be tax deductible, as permitted by law.  The tax status of donations to a US-based charity from other counties are subject to the rules of that nation.

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