In addition to the many prayers of those who seek Elisabeth Leseur’s intervention before God on their behalf, we continue to receive requests for the devout women and men who visit this site to pray for each other as well.  We are happy to share them, and ask that you remember these special intentions in your private prayer.

If you would like to add your own request to this list, please contact us or send us an email at

Evidence of Elisabeth Leseur’s intercessory power is a key part of the documentation to advance her cause for Catholic sainthood.  If your prayers for Elisabeth’s intercession have been answered, please share this with us, and with the office of the Dominican Postulator in Rome.  (Fra Llewellyn Muscat O.P.  General Secretary of the Postulation,

Please Pray For:

The conversion of loved ones

  • David C.
  • Graeme
  • G. in Los Angeles
  • John F. and Alex F.
  • Anonymous in the United States (x2)
  • Anonymous in England
  • Pedro in Brazil
  • The children of M. de Sagone
  • Brian G. And Andrew G
  • Carles
  • Francisco S.
  • The husband of Mary
  • The three children of Máire
  • The husband of Carmen (Mexico)
  • Regis
  •  The Protestant husband of T in the USA

The healing of loved ones

  • For a young man and his Mother and Father in Brazil who are battling multiple health issues.
  • For a very young man, Pito, in France with serious health issues.
  • For a very young girl with Down Syndrome in Pittsburgh who is working through multiple health issues. and for her Mom.
  • For the healing of Uncle Michael who is suffering with glioblastoma.
  • For friends in Calgary and Nova Scotia addressing many health issues.
  • For the continued healing of a young woman in Pittsburgh dealing with multiple health issues.
  • For a friend from the USA who was injured on the Alps in France.
  • For a new American mother and her newborn baby who are facing many health challenges
  • For a young woman and family friend in Florida dealing with health issues
  • For the healing of Fr. Daniel Brandenburg LC
  • For the healing of the wife of Thiago (Brazil)
  • For the healing of the relative of Domingos (Brazil)
  • For the healing of Jeanmarie diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
  • For the healing of the husband of Liz
  • For the healing of David C.
  • For the healing of TJ and his mother Claire
  • For the healing of Phyllis and her family
  • For the healing of Maria (inoperable brain tumor) and her mother Susan
  • For the healing of Jean-Francois and his family

These special intentions

  • José Renato and Dracena family, from Brazil, devotees of Elisabeth Leseur
  • For those with the desire for marriage and family life, that they may receive the gift of this vocation from God.
  • For a friend in Brazil who prays for the grace of motherhood.
  • For a young woman in the USA who needs to find strength in God to get through a difficult event in her life.
  • A young female soldier in the USA searching for strength and inspiration.
  • For the physical and spiritual health of the family of Maria Catlina Ortiz from Argentina.
  • The private intentions of E. Pratt.
  • For a friend in Honduras who prays for the grace of motherhood
  • For a friend in Italy who prays for her mother’s healing from breast cancer
  • For the conversion and healing of J and J in the USA
  • The marriage of B.C. and D.C.