Elisabeth Leseur

March 22

Birth of Felix Leseur

Born in Reims, France.
October 16

Birth of Pauline Elisabeth Arrighi

Elisabeth is born in Paris, France, the first child of Antoine and Marie-Laure Arrighi.
November 27

Elisabeth’s Baptism at St. Roch

May 15

First Holy Communion

Elisabeth was confirmed the next day, consistent with the tradition of the time.
June 1

Elisabeth and Felix Meet

Elisabeth and Felix are introduced at the home of mutual friends.  The date of this first meeting is not known.
May 23


July 31


December 1

First Illness

Shortly after her marriage, Elisabeth falls ill from an intestinal abscess.  She never fully recovers from this illness.
June 1

Low Point in her Catholic Faith

After years of exposure to Felix’s constant criticisms of Catholicism, she abandons her faith.
June 1

Elisabeth Returns to the Faith

Sometime in 1898, Felix suggested Elisabeth read Ernest Renan’s Origines du Christianisme.  Instead, she selected Renan’s La Vie de Jésus. Rejecting its central tenets, Elisabeth’s formulation of cogent rebuttals reawakened her study of the Bible and of Catholic writing through the ages. 
June 1

Second Health Crisis

In 1901, Elisabeth’s liver problems emerge.  This chronic condition would plague her for the rest of her life.
March 1

Elisabeth’s Spiritual Director

In 1903, Elisabeth first met Father R.P. Hebert, O.P.  Father Hebert would become her confessor and spiritual director.
April 11

Consecrates Life to God

Elisabeth and Felix travel to Rome for Holy Week, and have an audience with Pope Leo XIII.  This marks a powerful transformative event in Elisabeth’s faith.
October 1

Elisabeth’s Sister Juliette Dies

Elisabeth was especially close to this sister, and her death from tuberculosis at the age of 32 is a source of tremendous grief.
October 11

Liver Problems Become Acute

Elisabeth’s poor health begin to seriously limit her public activity; occasionally keeping her homebound for months at a time.
June 1

Meets Sœur Marie Goby, a Hospitaller Sister of Saint Martha of Beaune

While Sister Goby and Elisabeth meet in person only a few times, their exchange of correspondence over the years illuminates a broad-ranging and spiritually profound connection.
April 10

Breast Cancer Surgery

June 1

Pilgrimage to Lourdes

Accompanied by Felix, and despite her poor health, Elisabeth made a pilgrimage to Lourdes.
March 1

Breast Cancer Recurs

Elisabeth’s breast cancer returns.  By July, it was clear that it would claim her life.
May 3

Elisabeth Dies

April 1

Spiritual Journal Published

After Elisabeth’s death, Felix discovered the private spiritual journals Elisabeth had been keeping. Felix first sought to destroy them. However, after his own spiritual transformation, he decided instead to share them with the world.  The first publication was entitled Journal et penées de chaque jour.
June 1

Felix Enters the Novitiate

Felix first enters the Dominican order as a Novitiate.
July 8

Felix is Ordained to the Priesthood

June 1

Elisabeth’s Body Moved

Elisabeth’s body was moved to a cemetery on the outskirts of Paris. She was reinterred among deceased Dominican sisters.
April 8

Cause for Canonization Opened

February 27

Felix Leseur Dies

June 1

Cause for Canonization Reopened